Resources Section Revised

I’ve just finished an overhaul of the resources section of the website. I’ve added new sources (mostly websites), culled less useful sources and those of too narrow focus or only tangentially related to the aims of this site, and organized them into new, more useful categories.

Comments and suggestions are welcome in the meta discussion section of the site’s forums.

Twitter Feed has a twitter feed. If you are a twitterer, you can stay current with the latest updates to the site by searching for “wordorigins” on Twitter and following the feed. Only updates to the main site will be twittered. New postings to the discussion forum will not be.

This is in addition to the existing RSS feeds. RSS feeds exist for both the main site and for the discussion forum.

Privacy Policy is committed to respecting your online privacy and we only collect and maintain information that is required to effectively deliver content to you and to manage membership privileges in order to control trolls and other abusive behavior.

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Disabling Comments

I’ve disabled the comments feature here on the main site. The comments had simply become a way for spammers to get their message through. The signal to noise ratio was somewhere around 1:100 and I simply don’t have time to hunt down the individual spam posts and kill them.

If you wish to comment on one of the posts here in the main site, please use the discussion forum.

Astronomy Entries

You may notice a new category on the right-hand navigation bar, astronomy and astrophotography.

In addition to word origins and language, I am also an amateur astronomer and budding astrophotographer. Some friends have asked me to put some of my images on the web, so I am obliging.

When I post to this new category, the new photos and entries won’t appear on the main page, but they will appear in the RSS feed if you subscribe to that.

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