Business Jargon Tumblr

I’ve just discovered Use Sparingly, a tumblr that is a Devil’s Dictionary of business jargon.

Rather amusing.

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Are You Using the Wrong Dictionary?

James Somers wrote a blog post on dictionaries a week or so ago, in which he extols older, more poetic dictionary definitions, criticizing modern dictionaries for being flat and uninspiring. He uncovers a very useful technique for punching up writing, one favored by famed, non-fiction writer John McPhee, but in the process Somers falls into a trap that many non-linguists do, ascribing to the myth that when it comes to language authority older is better. To put it bluntly, Somers is probably using the wrong dictionary.

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Why English Has Gendered Pronouns

Linguist Gretchen McCullough tells the interesting, but very convoluted story.

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Beowulf Filmfest

On 2 June,, an excellent blog and website on all things medieval, posted links to eight different YouTube videos about the Old English poem Beowulf. The videos vary widely in quality, so here I re-present them, in a different order, with some commentary. Overall, this presentation shows that there is quite a bit of material about Beowulf out there, but it varies wildly in quality. The videos that make the most of the audio-visual medium tend to be low quality in terms of scholarship and accuracy, while the most insightful commentary is usually framed in achingly dull presentations of a person standing at a lectern and reading from a script.

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