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I’ve received some complaints from some of the regular posters to this forum about some of the regulars who are being a bit combative in in their posts--jumping on minor errors and misunderstandings, etc. Nothing that rises to the level of banning or anything like that, just combative and defensive attitudes in posting which are ticking people off.

Let’s try to be a bit more civil, which means being tolerant of each other’s foibles, idiosyncrasies, and minor failings. There is no reason to get upset, for instance, because someone misunderstood what you wrote. Nor is there any point in getting into an argument about whether the post was written confusingly or just read in haste and misunderstood. Just accept that there was a misunderstanding and move on.

None of us is perfect and there is no need to get snarky about it.

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A sensible and well-balanced sentiment.  I second that.

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