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The Haitch mob
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Oddly, here in Canada, it’s our French-Canadian friends (and, indeed, many Anglophones in Quebec as well) who not only pronounce the letter itself as ‘haitch’, but also enunciate many words which don’t even begin with that letter with the aspirated ‘h...’.  For example, one favourite amongst ice hockey fans was the P.A. announcer at the Montreal Forum—home to the Canadiens (or ‘Habs’), who would, following a goal by someone like Larry Robinson, announce ‘le but’ scored by ‘HuhLarry… HuhRobinson’.  Difficult to appreciate in print, but a great memory in our part of the world.  Other examples include going to ‘de (h)airport’, ‘aving hoatmeal’ (wherein the h is now eliminated from a word to which it actually belongs).
Hope that any of my Quebecois chums aren’t insulted by this (you should hear me tear their language to shreds).


Fregt mikh bekheyrem!
~ Shmegege

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