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I just heard a British announcer (well he had a British accent) pronounce quintuple as kwin TOO ple and I’ve always pronounced it as kwin TUH ple!  Then come to find out that the AHD supports what I would have thought of as a British pronunciation.  Do any USns pronounce it that way?

I frankly cannot recall ever having heard it any other way than the UH (as in duh!) sound and remain surprized that so many people go around mispronouncing it. I may have been a bit premature in my judgment.

While on the topic, does anybody pronounce illusory as ill-uss-ory instead of il-looz-ory? I remember hearing it spoken in that way by a coed whose looks made everything about her unimpeachable, and needless to say I never got a chance to query the source.

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FWIW, I pronounce “quintuple” the same way that (I infer) Oecolampadius does, and I, too, was under the (mis-?)impression that that was the most common American pronunciation.

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