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lionello - 12 May 2007 01:06 PM

Why scoff at rightpondians for drinking shandy? Here in Chicago, where I have been pretending to work for the past three weeks, one of my colleagues (so far as i know, an ordinary heterosexual human male) ordered a “Blue Moon”, which i was told is some kind of combination of beer and lemonade.

Diegogarcity in the extreme.  <setup>I started this thread just a few days ago saying (with a regretable amount of hyperbole) that the drink is unknown in the US.  I really had not heard of it.  </setup>

Tonight I go over to a friend’s house and he offers me a beer. “Leinenkugels [a Wisconsin Brewery] has this new beer I’ve never heard of.  A co-worker told me about it.  It is a weiss beer mixed with ... lemonade.” I almost had a stroke.

I said, “is it called a ‘Shandy’ perhaps?” I think I’d heard of the word Shandy before, but I don’t think I could have told you what it was.

He looks at the bottle and says, “Yeah, ‘Summer Shandy’ they call it.”

BTW I’m leaving for Honduras tomorrow evening, so I’ll not be able to make ironic or hyperbolous observations for 10 days or so.

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so I’ll not be able to make ironic or hyperbolous observations for 10 days or so.

Your presence here will certainly be missed.

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Despite some of the comments, lemon flavour in beers is not so rare. In France, weiss / blonde beers are often served with a slice of lemon.
In Alsace “biere amer” is very popular; “amer” translates as “bitters” and have strong lemon (or orange) peel flavour.  Of course the amer is also about 30% alcohol, and so even just added as a splash gives the beer a bit of a kick!

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