propeller head
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Merriman Webster online says, “First Known Use: 1982”.  Really?  It’s that recent?  I would have thought from the 1950s.

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OED’s earliest cite is 1983, the form of which is suggestive of a recent and not-yet-familiar term.

1983 Santa-Barbara (Calif.) News-Press 14 July b9/1 He could also be a memorabilia nut who has nothing to do with the real world—we call them ‘propellor-heads’.

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As is the next cite:

1986  Dun’s Business Month (Nexis) Mar. 56 The image of the contract worker is of a ‘propeller head’, as they’re called at Lotus.

I certainly don’t remember it from my youth, and I can well believe it didn’t come into use until I was in my thirties (as the citation dates suggest).