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pronunciation, its evolution over time
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Thanks to Dr._T. for checking his copies of Gardner’s book.  My memory was faulty; this is further excellent proof that memory fades. 

I also misremembered details of the Spider Robinson story I mentioned above. 

The Spider Robinson story was ”Mirror, rorriM, Off The Wall,” by Spider Robinson, 1977, from ”Time Travelers Strictly Cash” [a collection of Callahan’s Place stories], published in 1981. 

In the story, the reversed ambrosial liquor was nicknamed “Wonderbooze” and tasted like the legendary “Four Eye Monongahela” [invented by Oliver La Farge in a 1957 story, Spud and Cochise]

There was no mushroom-shaped cloud. 


...Trevor unstopped the bung. A clear ten feet away, a fly intersected an imaginary circle drawn round the bunghole. The fly went down like a shot up Stuka, raising a small cloud of sawdust from the floor when it hit. The nondescript stranger tilted the barrel, ...

Later, the fly was resurrected (the reversed liquor had great power):

...and it got pretty drunk out. I remember walking over to where the fly lay dead on the sawdust, dipping my finger into my glass and letting a drop of Wonderbooze fall onto the fly. At once he rose from the floor in a series of angry spirals, spraying sawdust, and I swear he shouldered me aside on his way out the door. The conversation got a little hard to follow, then. ...


In the story, the fact that alcohol is a symmetrical molecule was brought up, as was the food issue leading to malnutrition.  I enjoyed the ‘mushroom-shaped cloud’ false memory, though…

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Mickey Maloney raised his head
When a bottle of whiskey flew at him;
It missed, and falling on the bed
The liquor scattered over Tim.
Tim revives, see how he rises!
Timothy rising from the bed:
Whirl your whiskey around like blazes!
Thanum an Dhul, d’ye think I’m dead?

And whack fol-de-dah, now dance to your partner,
Welt the floor, your trotters shake;
Wasn’t it the truth I told you,
Lots of fun at Finnegan’s wake.

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