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Just checking the first cite in OED for the word, and no real surprises.

1667 EARL OF ARLINGTON Let. to W. Temple 18 Oct. (1701) 187, I must refer you to our News Papers for a further account of the Proceedings of the Parliament.

But then my eye caught this definition a little further down, which amused me so much (especially the Partridge cite) that I thought I’d pass it on.

3. Criminals’ slang. A sentence of thirty days in prison.

1926 G. H. MAINES & B. GRANT Wise-crack Dict. 11/2 Newspaper, crook’s term for thirty days in jail. 1931 G. IRWIN Amer. Tramp & Underworld Slang 134 Newspaper, a thirty days’ gaol sentence. 1949 E. PARTRIDGE Dict. Underworld 467/2 Newspaper, a thirty-days jail sentence… The time it takes an illiterate to read one.