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The only meanings of oceanic that I am familiar with are

1/ “pertaining to a/the ocean”, either literally or figuratively

2/ “very big”.

In this ‘ere WP article it seems to be used in the sense “global”


When asked to describe themselves while viewing an awe-inspiring sight (such as a dinosaur skeleton), test subjects were more likely to describe themselves in oceanic terms (e.g. “I am an inhabitant of the planet Earth") as opposed to more specific terms (e.g. “I have blonde hair")

Does this sound like an ordinary English usage to you?

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I think it’s this one, sense 3b in OED.

b. Psychol. Designating a longing for something vast and eternal, interpreted by Freud as nostalgia of the psyche for the ego-completeness of infancy; esp. in oceanic feeling.

1930 J. Riviere tr. Freud Civilization & its Discontents i. 8 It is a feeling which he would like to call a sensation of ‘eternity’, a feeling as of something limitless, unbounded, something ‘oceanic’.‥ I cannot discover this ‘oceanic’ feeling in myself.
1930 J. Riviere tr. Freud Civilization & its Discontents i. 21 The ‘oceanic’ feeling, which I suppose seeks to reinstate limitless narcissism.‥ I can imagine that the oceanic feeling could become connected with religion later on.
1944 O. Fenichel in Psychoanal. Rev. 31 145 The masochist behaves masochistically because he has an oceanic longing for being united with a greater unity.
1971 P. Balogh Freud x. 109 The feeling described by Romain Rolland of being mystically identified with the universe Freud called an oceanic feeling.
1989 A. Storr Freud ix. 93 The oceanic experience is felt as deeply and inescapably authentic.

Have to admit I hadn’t encountered that one before.

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Oceanic, Majestic, Titanic, Sciatic ....seems to me we’re getting into deep waters here

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