Carousel voting
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Much talk in the press of carousel voting in the Russian election, defined by one paper as “groups of people voting at several different polling stations using the same absentee ballots.” Is this a new term? A translation of a Russian term? It’s the first time I’ve come across it.

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Seems to be a version of Chicago-style voting: early and often.

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Yes, it’s a translation of a Russian term that became popular during the December elections last year, карусельное голосование. I found this amusing post on a Russian forum:

Друзья! Прошу,объясните старушке, что такое “карусельное” голосование? Это что с открепительным талоном можно с одним и тем же паспортом в нескольких местах голосовать? Но эт-то же как-то...неправильно…

Friends!  Please explain to an old woman what this “carousel” voting is? It means you can take an absentee ballot and with the same passport vote in different places?  But that’s… wrong somehow…

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