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This might amuse. I found it when looking up an Anthony Burgess quote (see the poem part):

A reclusive and dyspeptic poet, Enderby aspires to a life of quiet bachelorhood. He survives largely on a diet of greasy stews and ‘stepmother’s tea’, a hearty concoction of loose leaf tea, sugar and condensed milk. Attempts to diverge from this menu end in disaster. For example, his attempts to produce ‘Spaghetti Fromaggio Surprise’ from a woman’s magazine recipe founder due to excessive liberality with garlic and an attempt to replace sour cream with sour milk. Enderby may not be a talented cook, but his abilities with a stew are impressive. At one point he prepares a fearsome breakfast dish of ‘meat paste, Oxo cubes, spaghetti, olive oil, spuds in jackets with dirt and all, pickled onions, cheese heels, bread-crusts, dripping, half a meat pie, Branston sweet pickle, celery salt, water … and a neglected chicken carcass’. The meal is ‘over-savoury’. When Enderby’s cook friend Arry finds that tripe cooked in milk is insufficient to win over a lady he has taken a fancy to, he commissions the poet to compose a verse to win her heart. The result is a poem of great tenderness:

‘Love!’ cry the eggs a-whisk, and ‘Love!’ the beef
Calls from the roasting tin.
The beetroot blushes love. Each lettuce-leaf
That hides the heart within
Is a green spring of love. Foro levitra Pudding and pie
Are richly crammed with love, and so Discount viagra am I.

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Will these people stop all new Simpsons tonight on Fox at nothing?