etymologies of closely associated words
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:cheese: hey guys,
Thanks for your replies.I want to discuss the etymology of closely related words and their usage.Some are as follows:
(1)Accept: The word means: to take or receive or to agree. It comes from (Middle English:accepten,Middle French:accepter,Latin:acceptare,From; AD-"to" + CAPERE-"to take”,Indo-European:Kap.

(2)Expect:The word means to look forward to,Regard as likely to happen. It comes from(Latin:expectare-"await,hope”,From;Ex-"thoroughly"+Spectare-"to look”,freq of specere -"to look at”,Indo- European:spek).

The following words can be often confusing to people when they are used,You can note this by the following sentences:
(a)I never expected this from you.
(b)I never accepted this from you.

So, you see how cool etymology can be ,you can use it to confuse people.Lets see another example of confusing words:
(3)Access:The word means :the ability or the right to approach or enter. It comes from (Middle English:accesse,Old French:acces-"Onslaught",Latin:accesus-"an approach,a coming to”, past participle of accedere-"approach,From;"Accessible"-easy to understand).

Excess:The word means: The fact of exceeding something else in amount of degree. It comes from;(Latin:excessus-"going beyond the bounds of reasonor the beyond subject”,From the stem of EX+CEDERE-"To depart”.

hope you liked these...I write more later for you...If you know thw stories behind their origins , do send them.

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I’m not sure what information about their origins you want, since you already have their etymologies.  But in general, it’s a good idea to keep each thread focused on a single word or phrase; it makes it easier to search for later and avoids confusion.

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I was only giving information...if you have more regarding the send it ,that’s all.And thanx for telling me to focus on words.