Origins for days of week
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I have some origins for the days of week which i wanted to share:

Sunday: taken from Anglo-saxon “sunnan daeg”, day of the Sun.

Monday: taken from “monan daeg”, day of the Moon.

Tuesday: taken from “Tiwes daeg”, day of he Tiw,God of war.

Wednesday: taken from “Wodnes daeg”,day of Woden,chief deity.

Thursday: comes from Old Norse “Thors dagr”,Thor’s Day.

Friday: comes from “Fridge daeg”, the day of the Goddess frig,wife of Woden.

Saturday: was “Saeter daeg”, day of Saturn,Roman God of Agriculture.

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You’ve given us the origins of the current names of the days of the week in English, but have you, in your research, discovered any speculation about how these names came to be used? It’s an interesting (to me) subject and one you might also find interesting. There is a way that all of these names are directly related.

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I like the idea of Friday being the day of the fridge - I suppose it’s when you stack it with beers and food for the weekend…