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I just looked up Augmentation Court (s.v. augmentation, sense 10) in both my physical OED and the online version, and to my surprise the citations provided in the former (ranging from 1542 to 1884) have disappeared online.  The new entry is otherwise the same as the old one:

10.  Augmentation Court n. (also Court of Augmentation, or ellipt. The Augmentation) a court established by 27 Hen. VIII, for determining suits and controversies in respect of monasteries and abbey-lands; so called because, by the suppression of monasteries, it largely augmented the revenues of the Crown. Dissolved by 1 Mary, sess. 2, cap. 10, and its records kept in the Augmentation Office.

Anybody know what might be going on here?

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That’s strange. The entire entry appears identical to the second edition with the exceptions of the missing citations and that one of the citations under Augmentation Court (the 1550 Latimer one) has been broken out into a new sense under “Derivatives: augmentationer.” (It also appears to be unchanged from the first edition, as there are no citations after the 1884 one.) It looks like they may have accidentally deleted the other entries after pulling the Latimer one out.

But the missing citations are still available by clicking the “Previous version” link at the top-right of the entry. That will give you the original online/CD-ROM verson of the second edition.

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