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David Crystal asks for more examples of intrusive -ng-.

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Mrs Malaprop proved unobliging but her great predecessor, Mrs Slipslop from Fielding’s Joseph Andrews was more amenable.

From Chapter VI

If we like a man, the lightest hint sophisticates. Whereas a boy proposes upon us to break through all the regulations of modesty, before we can make any oppression upon him.” Joseph, who did not understand a word she said, answered, “Yes, Madam.” “Yes Madam!” replied Mrs. Slipslop with some warmth, “Do you intend to result my passion? Is it not enough, ungrateful as you are, to make no return to all the favours I have done you: but you must treat me with ironing? Barbarous monster! how have I deserved that my passion should be resulted and treated with ironing?’

I’ll pay a call next on Sarah Gamp. I feel sure there are more examples in Dickens.

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Catweasel used to use the “tellingbone” but that’s a special case.