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Here. Grauniad article - Shakespeare, Eliot, Burgess so far.

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I’ve got The Waste Land app; it’s great.

Still, I’d prefer they spend the programming time in creating a universal e-book standard that incorporated such features, instead of separate apps for each work. The problem with these apps is that they’re tied to specific devices.

I bought The Waste Land app mainly to see what it did. And the features are impressive. But I wouldn’t do it again unless I could port the “book” to other devices. If I want a scholarly edition of a book (and as the Guardian points out, these apps are academic) I’m going to pay for a book that will last twenty or thirty years, not an app that will be obsolete in three when I get a new phone. (The price of The Waste Land app is roughly what you’d pay for a scholarly edition with similar additional information.)