“hotting up”
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The Economist uses an expression “...the row is hotting up...” for intensification of international claims in the Arctic. 

I think that in the US we would expect to hear ‘’ ...the situation is heating up..” (There are a lot more Google hits for heating up but that don’t mean much as many things other than international situations heat up.)

I’m assuming that “hotting up” is a British expression. Is that correct?

I assume that “heating up” is a US expression. Is that correct? What do other English speaking countries say?

The history of the two expressions might be interesting.

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I never thought of it as particularly British, and neither the AHD nor OED label it as such*.  It came up briefly in this discussion of “het,” and wordgeek seemed to consider it a Britishism (which is excellent grounds for believing it is not.)

*OTOH, MWO says “chiefly Southern, southern Midland, & British”, so its use in the the US is apparently somewhat regional, which may explain why droogie hasn’t encountered it much in the Reno area.

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