pan handle
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Just wondering what this would have to do with begging.

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Etymology On-line has a plausible answer:

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This may be a minor nit-pick, but Lionello’s link says of the noun: … Amer.Eng., 1856, in ref. to West Virginia ....  There was no West Virginia in 1856, so it would have been the Virgina panhandle.  This should not be confused with the current Virginia panhandle which exists due to the creation of West Virgina.  :)

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Jetty Jim - 10 August 2007 05:18 AM

There was no West Virginia in 1856,...the current Virginia panhandle…

If the article had referred to the panhandle of Virginia, nits could have been equally picky.
There was a panhandle of Virginia which existed prior to the formation of West Virginia. I believe that is the one referenced even though it is now part of the state of West Virginia.

The part of the current state of Virginia which could potentially be called a panhandle doesn’t seem to be called a panhandle.

While it doesn’t matter a bit… I currently live in North Texas, which is bounded by West Texas, Central Texas, East Texas, and Oklahoma.  I see these terms (and more) used with capital letters every day in print and on television without benefit of statehood.

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The OED on panhandle:

2. U.S. slang. The action or an act of begging. Esp. in to work the panhandle: to beg. Now rare.

1894 Harper’s Weekly 5 May 429/2 ‘Workin’ the pan-handle.’ ‘Eh?’ ‘I mean, are you beggin’?’ 1900 G. ADE More Fables 142 He usually found some one waiting on the Door-Step to give him the Sign of Distress and work the fraternal Pan-Handle on him.

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