Fiji Hindi
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A few years back we had a thread in which we were discussing languages written in more than one script.

Hindustani was mentioned as it is written in Perso-Arabic script and Devanagari script.

It is also written in Latin script. The romanisation of Hindustani in text messaging and email and so forth is well underway but what I am talking about today is its formal use in Fiji Hindi.

Fiji is a nation in Polynesia in which people of Indian descent make up a sizable fraction of the population. Hindustani is one of the official languages of Fiji (the others being English and Fijian). The language commonly used “at home” by Indian Fijians is Fiji Hindi, which differs from standard Hindi but would, I a suppose, usually be considered a dialect of Hindi rather than a separate language, but that’s often a grey area. It contains many loan words from Fijian and English.

It is written both in Latin and Devanagari script. It is still the case that Devanagari is seen as more formal, I believe.

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