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Some of the abbreviations commonly used in this forum:

“AHD”: American Heritage Dictionary
“CANOE”: Conspiracy to Attribute Nautical Origins to Everything, term coined by Dr. Techie on this board to indicate the penchant of some to find an origin in maritime tradition for just about any word or phrase.
“DARE”: Dictionary of American Regional English
“Diegogarcity”: A term used on this board to denote the appearance of a term in multiple sources shortly after you have looked it up in the dictionary; coined on this board by Aldiboronti.
“Gooja”: The Google Groups archive, a blend of Goo[gle] + [De]ja [News]
“HDAS”: Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang (also RHHDAS).
“Lighter”: RHHDAS (Jonathan Lighter is the editor)
“Mantle:” A reference to a ‘mantle of invisibility,’ a term used on this board for someone whose post is ignored by a later poster and the same facts/comments repeated as if the original poster were invisible.
“M-W”: Merriam Webster
“MWDEU”: Merriam Webster’s Dictionary of English Usage
“MWO”: Merriam Webster Online (10th Collegiate edition)
“OED2”: Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd Edition (print)
“OED3”: Oxford English Dictionary, 3rd Edition (online)
“OP”: Original post or original poster, a reference to the message that starts a thread
“Pip”: A verb meaning to beat someone in responding, to post a message moments before another person says essentially the same thing.
“SOED”: Shorter Oxford English Dictionary
“UL:” Urban legend

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