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These shops are opening up all over the country and I recently discovered one near me.  It really is what it says - you go in, choose a book, take it away and read it - for nothing.  You don’t have to take it back but obviously it helps the charity if you do.  There’s a limit of 3 books per person.  I’ve also donated books I’ve read that would go to charity shops who haven’t the room so would end up as landfill.  The shop near me has free rented accommodation in a shop unit that’s difficult to let so has been standing empty for ages, but they move on when needed and take their books with them.  It’s run by volunteers and at the moment has books in cardboard boxes on the floor, but with enough donations I expect they’ll eventually get shelves.

This is an excellent charity that’s well worthy of our support.

I suppose I should have put this topic in the Meta thread but I think it needs all the publicity it can get and Dave can always move it if he wants.

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