HD: Adding Twerk to “The Dictionary”
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Me too.

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Following a series of links from that essay brought me to another by McIntyre containing this gem:
“Complaining about slang is like complaining that the tides keep the ocean from being level.”

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Yes, what John said.

But then McIntyre said he figured out what “squee” meant from the context...and didn’t tell us.

Whatsamatter U, McIntyre?  Want us to experience a FOMO?

Squee you, McIntyre.

[just kidding, I think]

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And, for me, it was helpful to find out what “twerking” actually meant, as I’d never heard of it before the Miley Cyrus debacle.  I guessed from context that it either referred to the specific type of “dancing” she performed, or, more broadly, to a celebrity making a buffoon of him or herself on live TV, leading to an immediate flood of negative tweets.  The former, of course, is what it means, but the circumstances under which I learned of the term primed me to misread it.  Also, it seemed to have a “social media” ring to it, but, apparently, it predates social media by a good margin.  I even had a half-baked folk etymology that fit with my wrong guess as to its meaning: that twerk was a fusion of “twitter” (or, perhaps, “tweet[s]") and “jerk.”

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This word has been used in hip hop for at least a decade.
Perhaps Miley’s influence will bury it as a cool thing.

EDIT: Hmmm, and the rest. Seems there are cites for it back to the mid-1990s.

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