Potty-Mouthed Watson
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Pretty funny.

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Shades of Caliban! “You taught me language; and my profit on’t is, I know how to curse.”

Sorry for the long lag time, but I just got around to reading the link.  The story, and the comments on the i09 site, remind me of an incident from the pre-PC era. 

The community college I was working at at the time had bought a DEC time-sharing system and a bunch of terminals that were accessible to the students and faculty.  I was teaching myself BASIC and had written a program that would let the user play draw poker against the computer, to which I gradually added refinements, including the ability to bet sums of imaginary money.  After every hand, the program would ask the user if he or she wanted to play another hand.  With the sysadmin’s cooperation I had made the program generally available, and I occasionally watched other people playing it.  I noticed that, especially after a losing streak, they would respond to the “another hand?” question with something more pungent than “yes” or “no”.  So I added some code that would detect profanity and respond in kind. 

I heard later that a group of VIPs (trustees or some such) were being shown the system and my poker program had been included in the demonstration.  Apparently one of them was not happy with his luck and gave an insulting reply when asked if he wanted to play another hand, then nearly fell off his chair when the computer came back with “Chuck you, too, Farley!” or words to that effect.

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Back in that same era we used to have a computer science day or engineer’s day or something like that and non-computer people would be invited to play around with the terminals.  A common practice was for the non-CP to type in “Fuck you”.  The computer would come back with “Access to processor denied by installation.”

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