Battling Dichotomies
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Recently I watched the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. As neither tiger nor dragon are found in my neck of the woods, I compiled a list of variations on the theme of battling dichotomies composed of battling creatures that I understand. Prominent on the list were the following:

Standing Bison, Raging Mammoth
Stampeding Bull Elephant, Squatting Viper King
Lilting Foal, Screeching Kitten
Belly-up Icthyosaurus, Airborne Humpback Whale
Semi-submerged Bullfrog, Flippant Guppy

Is there perhaps a term more apposite than ‘battling dichotomies’? Has anyone their own submissions to provide?

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I realize that you’re just having a goof, but Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon are not dichotomies and they’re not battling. They are different manifestations of the same thing. They represent hidden strength. That the characters little tiger and little dragon battle is not relevant to the idiom.

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