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No, not the Hitchcock film

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Somewhat parallel to egregious, then. If it stands out from the norm, it’s bad.

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it’s not often that a movie has three of my favourite actors in it (North by Northwest had two of them). The use of the word in the movie title is a bit ambiguous: if it’s a reference to the Bergman character, it implies that a person can be notorious not for any action of their own, but because of someone they are connected to, even if the connection itself is innocent.  In the same way, one might characterize, say, the wife and children of The Godfather as notorious persons. I don’t think I’d want to use the word in that way myself.

I never, ever would have thought to call Harry Truman a “notorious” person --- but I’m hardly surprised to hear of him doing so himself (signed --- an ardent Truman admirer)

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