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I thought an interesting article, and perhaps of more interest on this forum.

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Here’s Language Log’s take on the subject.

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I can give you another similar one, almost throughout the languages of the world.

The way a coach or manager of a soccer team, for example but not exclusively, shouts from the sidelines to gain the referee’s or members of his team’s attention. Goes something like:

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey...”

Each syllable very rapidly followed by the next. Interestingly using the same basic, easy-to-make sound as the one the OP mentions.

I’ve heard this on the telly in football matches from China to Iceland.

“The Attention Grabber”

(I did look on YouTube for examples but would take too long going through highlight videos on this quiet Sunday morning here in Europe.)

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It gives one to wonder whether the words indicating laughter are similarly widespread. Ha ha ha, ho ho ho, hee hee hee seem pretty accurate representations of certain noises people make when they laugh but of course most of the laughter I’ve heard in my life has originated from English-speakers so I can’t really judge how universal those sounds are.

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