HD: The Making of a Book, 1925
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See the mighty OED being made

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Watching this last weekend the wife joked that in 1925 printing the OED employed all those people and now it might be done by some pimple faced kid with a supply of Red Bull.

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Thanks for sharing that Dave.  What a great little film.  I’ve always been interested in how things are/were manufactured.  I love the television series How It’s Made.  One of the reasons Moby Dick is a favorite of mine is the great detail that Melville goes into describing the whaling industry.  I even enjoyed Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books as an adult because of the detailed descriptions of how they manufactured the necessities of life.

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now it might be done by some pimple faced kid with a supply of Red Bull.

A couple of years ago I had a book printed --- it had almost 100 pages B&W, with photographs, front & back inside & outside covers in full colour. I took the compact disc to the printing house at about 1100 hours. The manager (no pimply kid, a businesslike young woman) said “come back at around 1500”.  I did, and 200 copies were boxed and waiting for me. The cost: the equivalent of approx US$4 per copy. True, it had soft covers and the pages were stapled. Later I hard a hardback edition printed, with sewn pages. That took 3 days and cost 3 times a much per book, for 100 copies. The binding made the difference.
Anyone can write a book nowadays, and get it printed at little cost, or publish it on-line. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I remember reading a very witty novelette by William Golding, about a citizen of ancient Rome who invents a printing press, gunpowder, and a ballistic missile, and offers them to the Emperor. The Emperor, after reflecting briefly, offers the inventor a job as ambassador to China, effective immediately.....

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