Black Country dialect
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A school in Halesowen has banned pupils from using ‘woz’ and ‘it wor me’ in the classroom, but the playful local dialect is full of linguistic gems some recognisably ME, it says in the Guardian. by Stuart Jeffries
Probably of limited interest.

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That’s not really a fair account. The full story made it clear that the school wasn’t trying to stop the children speaking the local dialect when appropriate, only to insist on their acquiring the skill of speaking and writing standard English - without which, like it or not, they are not likely to get well-paid jobs or do well outside their own locality.

I don’t know why we find this concept so hard in the UK. In Italy and all the German-speaking countries local dialects aren’t despised - indeed, often they are much cherished; but everyone accepts the need for children to master the standard national language.