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I’ve added alphabetical navigation to the Big List. It should be much easier to find an entry now.

I’ve also changed the list of archived entries (talking main site here, not discussion forums) to a drop down menu. Not much difference, except it doesn’t extend the right-hand nav bar so far down and eliminates some vertical scrolling.

(And for those that care about such things, I cannot recommend the Expression Engine tech support more highly. They are doing an utterly fantastic job. Their response time is lightning fast and the forums, wikis, and knowledge base are replete with code examples for just about anything you need to do. If any of you are in the software biz, I strongly recommend you take a look at for an example of how to do things right. Note: Expression Engine is the software that powers this site.)

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Thanks Dave.  This was a good move.  I remember all of the options as we moved along.  But this has been a right and good decision.  It took a good software mind like your own to make this transition.  It will always be invaluable.