English quiz with one controversial answer
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I’m sure all of you will get at least 15 out of 16 in this Playbuzz English test here, but I’d be interested in your answer to the one question that has caused some controversy over the correctness or otherwise of the answer given: the controversy is carried on here (no clicking on that link until you’ve done the quiz, thanks).

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Close-minded and closed-minded are both quite common: there would be no point is claiming either is incorrect. Quiz fail.

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I agree: quiz fail.

Both “closed-minded” and “close-minded” appear in most of the on-line dictionaries I visited. (If anything, “closed-minded” seems to tend to get top billing.). ISTM that both usages are standard, so neither is wrong.

Per etymonline (not always a reliable source, admittedly, but the only one I could find with info about this) “close-minded” is attested to as early as 1818, while “closed-minded” is attested to in the 1880s.  So, “close-minded” is indeed older, but “closed-minded” isn’t exactly a novel usage.

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I missed several of those. I think in my case, if I had been using the word, I would have typed it correctly without thinking, but forced to think about it, I came out with the wrong answer. (Closed/close minded was one of those; I answered close minded in the quiz, but I think I generally write closed minded.)

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