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The Onion has a lexicography article. Amusing, albeit not among their best.

It’s interesting, though, in what they get right. The criteria for inclusion is accurately described. As is the lexicographer’s revulsion over the word--it happens; lexicographers have the same pet peeves about the language that everyone else does, but the good ones don’t let it affect their work. (Although a don’t think one would retire because of said revulsion over one word.)

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Yeah, but they make a very amateurish error in describing the supposed entry: the adjective is defined in a way that would make it a noun.  “Melty, adjective ...1: An edible foodstuff possessing viscous qualities.”

Melty, btw, is already in the AHD and OED, but not in MWO, so they got that right.

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The first OED cite is appropriate—it’s exactly the kind of word you’d expect Lawrence to use:

c1921 D. H. LAWRENCE Mr. Noon iii, in Mod. Lover (1934) 217 She was startled, jarred in her rather melty mood.

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