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It turns out that “to bloviate” has an adjectival form, and a lovely one at that:  “bloviant.”

The Chicago Club has pulled into first place in the pennant race, with Boston dropping into second.  Furthermore,

“Strangely enough, the result of the performance has been to put our bloviant friends, the Cincinnatis, in third place.  Great heavings! and are these the “Coming champions” which we have read about!” Chicago Tribune July 21, 1878

The Tribune’s baseball editor was Lewis Meacham.  He was rather an ass.  The various baseball writers did a lot of back and forth one-upmanship.  Mostly it was good natured.  Not with Meacham.  But I do like “bloviant” and the word’s utility is obvious.

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I do too; thanks for that!  (You might want to put the quote in a quote box for easier reading.)