Taxi dancer, taxi-cab, taximeter
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In a book I’m reading I came upon the word, taxi dancer.

taxi-dancer n. orig. U.S. a woman (or man) whose services as a dance-partner may be hired; a professional dance-partner.

I never heard of this expression before, although, I intuited the meaning by the context of the sentence.
Is it a common word in America?

In my perusal of the word in the OED I learned that taxi-cab derives from taximeter

An automatic contrivance fitted on a cab or other vehicle to indicate to the passenger at any point the distance traversed and the fare due. Also ellipt. for taximeter cab at Compounds (rare).

Taxi-cab became the more popular usage, but now everyone calls a cab for hire simply, a taxi, or just, a cab; I rarely hear anyone calling it a taxi-cab.

Shortly, because taxi-cabs are rapidly losing business, we will call them uber.  FWIW, the company was founded as uberCab.

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Is it a common word in America?

Taxi dancers were common in the 1920s through the early 40s. But they’re a thing of the past. I would think most current uses of the term are in historical contexts.

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I first heard it in the film Sweet Charity from 1969 which had an unhappy ending exwcs would never allow these days.

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