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Today I encountered “East Wing “ as a metonym for the First Lady.

The East Wing and White House declined to comment on the plagiarism story Tuesday.


Fairly straightforward development, as the First Lady’s office has been located in the East Wing since the 1970s, but I’d not seen it before. I wondered, is this a thing?

A bit of Googlation seems to indicate that the use of East Wing as a metonym is on the very margins of thinghood. It is used sometimes but not that often.

The East Wing released a statement saying Obama, accompanied by Jill Biden, was visiting to show support for humanitarian efforts.


The White House East Wing announced President Obama’s eldest daughter Malia will attend Harvard University in 2017.


One other wildcard: former Bidenite Kathleen McGlynn, currently deputy chief of staff to U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice. The East Wing refused to comment on the selection process.


I can’t find any clear examples of such metonymy before 2010.

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