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Posted: 23 July 2016 06:38 AM   [ Ignore ]
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In moving from Canada to the US I had to change my Google Adsense account. That necessitated changing the code on all the webpages (ads don’t appear here in the discussion forums). I’ve also made a minor adjustment to where the ads appear (they’re now above the plug for Word Myths) thinking that the more prominent placement might increase ad revenue.

If you see any problems with the ads, please let me know. I think I did everything right, but I don’t always see what other visitors to the site do. (I’m not asking you to click on the ads to test them--not only would that be an imposition, it would violate Google’s terms of service. But if in your routine visits to the site you notice anything amiss, let me know.)

Also, if you see any particular ads that are inappropriate, let me know. I can exclude specific advertisers.

I’d like to go without ads altogether, but they generate enough cash to cover the costs of hosting the site. I don’t make a profit, but the ads do keep me from dipping into my own wallet.

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