Ten verbs from Northern Ireland
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Ten verbs from Northern Ireland that you’ll enjoy using

Northern Irish is a rich and varied dialect, blending slang from Ireland, Scotland, and the north of England with some of its own unique creations. The following ten verbs are used in Northern Irish English, as well as other regional varieties, and are some of our favourites from the most recent update to OxfordDictionaries.com.


What a useful gem is oxtercog! I myself was, as a young man, oxtercogged.

Now we need a transitive verb meaning “to hold back (someone’s) hair while they vomit.”

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Lovely post.  I remember nyam from my childhood in the north of England but haven’t heard it in a very long time.  It was always said in an imitative way, never as “the cat nyammed”.  We visited NI recently but, unsurprisingly, didn’t hear any of these words.

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