Volunteers wanted! 
Posted: 11 January 2017 01:56 PM   [ Ignore ]
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After rooting around a bit today, I thought it might help to just list the topics we covered on Yuku boards then email them to Dave.  It would take a little bit of doing because there are 25 or more pages to each board and 25 or so boards, but it would help with research on this site.  I’m happy to give it a go and see how I get on with it, by myself if need be, but any volunteers to simply copy and paste the topic titles only on any one board would be helpful. I don’t think copyright would be breached by doing this because I’d just be copying and pasting titles, not quotations.  I’ve asked Dave and he thinks it would be a great help and it’s easy to do.

Pretty please?  If you can’t, no need to either apologise or say you can’t.  (Been there, done that, so I know how busy lives can be). I’m retired so have more time to do this sort of thing but not everyone is as fortunate as I am.

Form an orderly queue below then I can start to delegate.