bum = buttocks (USA)
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The use of bum to mean buttocks is common in the UK and Australia.

I’ve only heard this usage from one American source: Family Guy.

S10E17 Forget-me-not
“Besides, you look like you got a clean bum.”

S11E06 Lois comes out of her shell
“Wow! That is awesome, Lois! Your bum looks like an NBA guy’s arm.”

S13E08 Our idiot Brian
“I’ll get the scissors and cut that poop off your bum.”

And several other examples.

Is this just a Seth MacFarlane thing? Does this usage have any real currency in the USA?

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It has some currency. HDAS has a reasonably sized entry on the word. But it’s nowhere as near as common as it is in the UK and Commonwealth.

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