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I’m not telling anyone how they should quote others. Some use italics. Others use the quote feature. It’s up to you how you want to do it.

But LH has a good point (made elsewhere in the general discussion) that using the quote feature to repeat someone else’s entire post in order to respond to one small bit of it can be frustrating.

Note that you can edit what appears in the quote box. While you, of course, shouldn’t change what someone else says when you quote, you can certainly edit out the bits, which are often quite lengthy, that you’re not responding to. Doing this makes the best of both worlds: the quote feature identifies who you are quoting and it’s concise.

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I’m LH, and I approve this message!

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Note that you can edit what appears in the quote box.

Another way to quote just a short part of a lengthy post is to copy and paste it into your new message, then highlight it and click the quote button at the top(as I did with the above phrase). Note- that still doesn’t give the original poster’s name and time stamp. This is slightly more cumbersome than using italics, but it does preserve it as an obvious quote if re-quoted.

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I’m not LH and I approve the message too.

Few things are as discouraging on the board as staring at a big chunk of text that you’ve already read upthread. It may have been a fascinating post but that doesn’t mean you want to read it again. And all this for a few lines of fresh comment at the bottom. And often in cases where this has occurred the game isn’t worth the candle.

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