A note on searching the old site
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Earlier today I had occasion to want to look up some definitions of “plasma” (in the ionized-gas sense) that I knew I had quoted on the old site when Senning and another user had been peeving about the supposed inaccuracy of the term “plasma screen” for TVs, etc. 

I remembered the thread pretty well, but I wanted to save myself the trouble to going around to the various references I had cited before and re-collecting the definition.

The problem was, my usual technique for finding old threads (Googling on [search term] site:wordoriginsorg.yuku.com wasn’t working.  It brought up several threads in which the word “plasma” occurred, but not the one I wanted.  Not even a directory page, which should also have turned up since “plasma TV screens” was the thread title.

(Yuku’s built-in search function has not worked on the wordorigins pages for more than a year.)

After trying several variations with Google, and even the Wayback Machine, I decided to try a different search engine, and to my delight, Bing found the thread I wanted right away.  I wasn’t even sure if Bing supported the “site:” option, but it worked.


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Thank you for that tip, Doc. I often search the old site using Google and it certainly is something of a lottery. I’ll give Bing a try next time.