British understatement somewhat under threat
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What do we want? Gradual change!
When do we want it? In due course!

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Oh! I hope not.  I like the British inclination towards understatement and being less emotive.  I wish we had more of it here in the States.

I notice that some of the comments in the article suggest that understatement still exists, only the modifiers have changes.  I rather hope that is the case ;-)

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The great Australian linguist Afferbeck Lauder pointed out in one of his later and less-well-known works, Fraffly Well Spoken, that the English are actually as much given to overstatement as to understatement: that while your upper-class English officer may very well describe a huge military disaster as a ‘party’, his wife is equally likely to describe a rather dull party as a ‘disaster’.

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