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Dave Wilton - 18 December 2017 01:02 PM

Logophile - 18 December 2017 09:07 AM
Searching COCA for barnburner (no space) yields another 27 hits.

I must be reading it incorrectly, I count only five.

COCA, the Corpus of Contemporary American English, not COHA, the Corpus of Historical American English, which has only 5.

(You can’t compare the numbers across the corpora.)

The blunder is similar to a typo, one reads what one writes but misses the error. I read what you wrote but assumed and missed the one different letter; it’s so aggravating. Thank you for the correction.

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Not worth its own thread, but the Australian National Dictionary Centre declared that the word of the year is Kwaussie. “The word refers to a person who is a dual citizen of Australia and New Zealand, a New Zealander living in Australia, or a person of Australian and New Zealand descent.” Part of its appeal is that it is homophonous with quasi.
I’ve never heard of it before and nor have I been able to Google up any use of this word other than in reference to the fact that it is WOTY.

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