What is this called? 
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In the 1950s, merchandise bought at department stores was often placed in a parcel, wrapped in brown paper, tied with string or twine, and then a handle was added.  If my memory is correct (possible, though not always likely), the handle was a paper tube about 3 or 4 inches long.  A thick copper wire passed through the tube, bent down at either end, then up again.  The wire was hooked onto the twine.  Simple, cheap, functional and great as an addition to a child’s toy and gizmo collection, these disappeared with the advent of packing tape. 

Does anyone remember them, and what they were named?


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Seems they were used elsewhere, including France. 

French handles

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I remember them.  They were such a natural part of things that I don’t remember any special name for them.  They just were.  However I seem to remember the tube being made of wood.

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