Video talk? 
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I just read a local news story with the Dutch verb ‘beeldbellen’ in it. This means a video talk (literally “to picture-call").

As I am a wee bit out of touch with native English apart from online nowadays, what does this forum perceive to be the most-used English verb/noun for this activity? Often used on your smartphone through Messenger or any other picture/sound application.

Aside: I remember my Mum used to tell me that her Dad was a crystal radio geek back in the twenties/thirties (?) and people would come from far and wide to hear early sports events etc at their house. He apparently announced to all and sundry that one day we would also see who we were talking with on the phone.

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I would guess, just based on my experience not on any empirical data, that the most common terms are the names of the particular application being used. You skype someone, or you facetime them, etc.

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