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A crossword puzzle the other day started me thinking (yes, I know that’s dangerous at my age). How many meanings does the word “draft” have? So, of course I had to look it up. This comes from Your Dictionary: http://www.yourdictionary.com/draft?direct_search_result=yes

a drawing or pulling, as of a vehicle or load
the thing, quantity, or load pulled
a drawing in of a fish net
the amount of fish caught in one draw
a taking of liquid into the mouth; drinking
the amount taken at one drink
a portion of liquid for drinking; specif., a dose of medicine
a portion of beer, ale, etc. drawn from a keg
a drawing into the lungs, as of air or tobacco smoke
the amount of air, smoke, etc., drawn in
a rough or preliminary sketch of a piece of writing
a plan or drawing of a work to be done
a current of air, as in a room, heating system, etc.
a device for regulating the current of air in a heating system
a written order issued by one person, bank, firm, etc., directing the payment of money to another; check
a demand or drain made on something
the choosing or taking of an individual or individuals from a group for some special purpose, esp. for compulsory military service
the condition of being so taken
a group of these so taken
the demand made by a political party for a person to accept, sometimes reluctantly, a candidacy
the area of reduced air resistance behind a moving vehicle
the act or instance of closely following a race car, truck, etc. to avoid wind resistance and conserve fuel
a deduction allowed for waste or loss in weight
the size of an opening for the flow of water
a narrow strip along the edge or across the face of a stone, serving as a guide in leveling the surface
the taper given to a pattern or die so that the work can be removed easily
the depth of water that a vessel draws, or needs in order to float, esp. when loaded
a system by which a league, as of professional teams, allots to each team the right to contract specified individuals in a group of players, esp. new players, usually by giving each team a turn to select one player until each roster is full

It amazes me how one word can have so many meanings. I’d almost bet a person could write a short story with the word “draft” (in one form or another: noun, verb, etc.) showing up in each sentence, and using each of those only once. This is the sort of stuff that keeps my brain active, although I have friends that would debate the “active” part.

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And then there’s the British name for what we call checkers, though that’s always plural and almost always spelled draughts.

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