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It seems I last visited this site in 2007.

I just got a notice that someone had reported a post for spam. This confused me. I’d completely forgotten about this site. (I think I asked about the origin of “raped ape” but that was over a decade ago.)

So, I visited and reset my password (I still have that email, all these years later) and figured out we’re somehow all moderators.

This isn’t a complaint. I just wanted to share my experience. I was, shall we say, more than a little confused at first. Strangely enough, I still have the same username on other sites and the email is still valid, even after all these years. It has been almost 11 years since I last visited. That’s pretty much a lifetime in Internet years.

What a little nugget of memory this is. Neat.

Again, this isn’t a complaint - just an observation.

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Welcome back—that’s a long sabbatical!

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I have only posted once, in 2008. My old email is always getting stolen.
I keep it for 1 email from my alumnae group---nothing I can do will ever
make them change.

How do I find the place where you change your pw?


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Similar story here! I haven’t received email from this forum since 2008, yet I am now getting emails about a post reported as spam. This post: Very strange!


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I found out the place to change pw.
I got 8 emails in a row, saying the same info.

Who would steal pw’s to an etymology board?

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You got the spam notification because a while back I made everyone a moderator so they could split and merge threads. I didn’t realize that spam reports would also go out to everyone.

My apologies.

I’ve changed everyone’s status so they are no longer moderators. You shouldn’t get any more such reports.

I’ve also deleted the account of the spammer.

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Ha, I wondered why we’d all been debagged!

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Can I suggest to all that we follow a pretty normal practice: if you use the report link for an obvious spammer etc., create a post saying “reported”.  Everyone knows things will be done and cuts down on the noise for any moderator.

Mind you, it was useful in reminding some older posters that the forum still exists!

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Yes. I too got the message that I had posted what was reported as spam etc.

I changed my contact information and password.

I was worried for a few minutes.

All is quiet now.


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