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I volunteer at a library’s used book store, and part of my chores involve stocking satellite locations with used books.  Naturally the back seat of the car often overflows with volumes, some spectacularly strange. While waiting to collect the British speaking family member, I reached into the pile and began reading the blurb on an unknown trade paperback with cover graphics designed to appeal to someone many decades my junior.  It quoted a supposedly famous sci-fi writer who was either quoted out of context, or really liked the book.  He described it as a nerdgasm.


nerdgasm (plural nerdgasms)

(slang, neologism) A feeling of great excitement or pleasure over something nerdy.”

I like neologisms in general, and this one is intuitively obvious, albeit clunky sounding.

The dictionary (wictionary) quoted above says that the synonym is geekasm.

Neither of these point to the ineluctable decline and fall of the English tongue,
yet they don’t excite me for their lack of euphony.  Does anyone have a better alternative
with a similar meaning.

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