R.I.P.  RAE? 
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The article linked above states that the head of the Royal Spanish Academy of Language has resigned, and that the mission
of the institution is in doubt, together with the institution itself.

This may matter little to most English speakers, content in our knowledge of the OED. The Royal Academy, founded at the start of the eighteenth century, published a somewhat similar work from 1726 to 1739, the Diccionario de Autoridades.  It gave definitions, etymologies, and numerous citations from leading authors.  Updated editions have been produced at irregular intervals, the last in 2014.

From 1960 to 1996, the Academy, using the OED as a model, began a more modern lexicographical approach, at a pace reminiscent of the OED: A to Bajoca took thirty-six years.  http://web.frl.es/DH.html

For over three hundred years, the Academy and its publications have been consummate prescriptivists and proscriptivists.
Their mission was paid for by sales of paper dictionaries and state subsidies.  In recent years there have also been non-government sponsors.  The 2014 edition of the dictionary has been a commercial flop, and government funding has shrunk to about a third of former levels.  Bankruptcy is likely unless other funding appears.

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