Buzzwords by the people who coined them
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Guardian. Gammon was new to me and I came late to millennial which I at first assumed meant someone born in 2000 or later.

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I doubt any of the people in mentioned in the article actually coined the terms it credits them with. In most cases, they were probably the first people known to have used them, but they were simply using a term they had heard elsewhere. It’s even likely that they did so unaware that they had heard the term elsewhere.

A good example is snowflake, which the OED records in use over a decade before the movie Fight Club premiered. (And an example of a someone claiming to be a language expert (he’s flacking a book on the subject) not doing his job. I have no truck with a supposed expert who can’t bother to look up words in the OED.)

Another is gammon, which has been used to mean rubbish, foolish talk since the 19th century. It’s an easy move from the talk to the pundit.

I’ve found some possible uses of gig economy that predate the Tina Brown piece the article talks about, but they’re in books with more recent editions. I’d have to check the earlier editions to see if the term appears in those.

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